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Terms & Conditions


ASC Design – Service Provider
Client - The entity which enters into a verbal or written agreement with ASC Design.
Work - The subject matter of the contract between the Client and ASC Design.


2.1 Fee Payable - It is the policy of ASC Design to secure the balance due at the beginning of any project. Only at the Client’s insistence, a deposit of 50% can be made upon the signing of the contract. The remaining 50% is due when the Work is completed to the reasonable satisfaction of the Client.

2.2 Completion of Work - ASC Design will complete the Work to the verbal specifications agreed with the Client and will not charge more than the amount previously agreed unless the Client has varied the specifications of the Work since the agreement. ASC Design will not undertake changes to the specifications of the Work which would increase the cost, without prior written authorization from the Client. Where the Client has varied the specifications of the Work since the agreement, but will not authorize ASC Design to increase the cost accordingly, ASC Design reserves the right to terminate the contract and initiate a transaction for any amount due.

2.3 Approval of Work - On completion of any portion of the Work, the Client will be notified and have the opportunity to review. The Client should notify ASC Design of any unsatisfactory points within 7 days of receipt of such notification to move the process further. Any of the Work which has not been reported to ASC Design as unsatisfactory within the 7 day review period will be deemed to have been approved. Once approved, or deemed approved, the contract will be deemed to have been completed and the balancing payment will be transacted.

2.4 Rejected Work - If the Client rejects the Work within the 7 day review period and will not approve subsequent Work performed by ASC Design to remedy any points reported by the Client as unsatisfactory, or ASC Design considers that the Client is unreasonable in his repeated rejection of the Work, the contract will be deemed to have expired and the relationship will be terminated

2.5 Payment Schedule - Unless an alternative payment schedule has been referred to in the foregoing contract, the payment schedule defined in Clause 2.1 applies. For maintenance fees, the ongoing monthly payment schedule will begin somewhere in the last week of each month and continue every month thereafter. ASC Design reserves the right to adjust the schedule as they deem necessary.


3.1 Right to terminate - ASC Design reserves the right to refuse or break a written or oral contract without prior notice for any reason.

3.2 Zero reimbursement liability - All payments made by the Client are non-refundable. If ASC Design breaks a written or oral contract, for any reason, it is not liable to reimburse the Client for any payments made, neither in part nor in whole.

3.3 Right to retain ownership - If ASC Design breaks a written or oral contract, for any reason, it becomes the sole owner of all artwork provided and is not obligated for any reason to provide Client with any graphic design completed, neither in part nor in full.

3.4 Insurance against disputed transactions - If ASC Design breaks a written or oral contract, in the event the Client attempts to recover the payment by means of disputing a credit card transaction, their acknowledgement of these terms and conditions prevents them from being awarded the chargeback. The Client acknowledges that ASC Design cannot lose a case regarding a disputed transaction.

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